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Chakra Yoga Workshop Series - 6. Third Eye Chakra

  • Yoga Nest, 28 Willowbrook, Main Street, Kilcoole A63 F1C6 County Wicklow Ireland (map)

Aoife has been running popular Chakra Yoga classes since 2014 and is now offering workshops that will help deepen your awareness of the elements and themes associated with each chakra . You will practice breathing techniques, yoga postures, mantra and meditations that connect you to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual qualities of the chakra.

Ajna means to know, command or perceive. Often called the 3rd Eye, this chakra is associated with intuition and foresight. It is connected to our sense of outward sight, and inner knowing. On a physical level we relate this chakra to the brain, the pituitary and pineal glands and the nervous system.

In this Chakra Yoga and Meditation workshop we will clear the mind with some meditation and balancing Nadi Shodana Pranayama (alternate nostril breathing exercise). During our asana practice we will explore mindful movement with some Hatha yoga, and mindful stillness with some Yin yoga poses. We’ll tune into our intuition and awareness as we move and when we pause.

All of these lovely workshops will close with a deeply nourishing and relaxing Yoga Nidra practice themed on the chakra, followed by a few moments for journaling, leaving you feeling rested and reconnected to your whole self.

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