There are weekly Ahimsa Yoga classes in Bray, Enniskerry and surrounding areas. I also hold classes and workshops in different studios in Wicklow and Dublin - see here for more details on upcoming workshops, and below for links to other studios.

All of my classes are suitable for every body - you will be encouraged to listen to your body and how it feels on the day, I will always offer options so that you can modify the poses to your needs, giving you space to get to know your body better, resting when you need to, or challenging your self if that’s what you feel like on the day.

Click the links below to book your place in these classes. For classes in Bray, you’ll be booking through me. For Rainforest, Enniskerry classes you’ll book through their system :)


slow flow and Meditation


Start your week with one hour of gentle, slow flowing Hatha Yoga, starting and ending with a guided meditation.

Wind down with soothing breath work, mindful movement and nourishing relaxation.

This new class is suitable for every body as modifications and options will always be offered to help fit the yoga pose to your body, rather than forcing your body into a pose!

Mondays 6.30-7.30pm @Macha Yoga Studio, Bray

YIN YOGA and Meditation


These deeply nourishing yet subtly challenging classes are perfect for a Monday evening t - Yin Yoga is the ideal complement to other more "yang" active types of yoga, exercise and lifestyles. 

In Yin Yoga we hold the poses for an extended period of time, to allow the benefits of each pose soak into the joints and fascia, building strength and flexibility in the connective tissues of the body.

The Yin approach to yoga and meditation provides us with an opportunity to get to know ourselves better, cultivating tolerance, patience and resilience mentally and emotionally.

Mondays 7.45-9pm @Macha Yoga Studio, Bray

NEW MIDWEEK YIN - Wednesdays 8-9.15pm @Anahata Yoga Studio, Bray (starts Sept 18th)

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Yoga Flow

These gently challenging classes will help you to build strength, flexibility and balance in the body, and to focus and calm the mind with breathing and meditation techniques.  Yoga is the ideal compliment to your active lifestyle and these classes are suitable for every body - Aoife will always provide options for each pose so you can adapt the yoga to how you feel on the day.  Ending with a guided relaxation, you will leave feeling rested and rejuvenated!

Tuesdays 6.15-7.15pm @Rainforest Studio, Enniskerry

NEW MIDWEEK YOGA FLOW! Wednesdays 10-11.15am @ Anahata Yoga Studio, Bray (Starts Sept 11th)

Prenatal Yoga

Highly recommended by doctors and midwives, Prenatal Yoga is known to help women stay fit and calm during pregnancy, while also providing them with breathing techniques and positions that are helpful during labour.  These nurturing classes provide mothers-to-be with a supportive space to relax, let go, and bond with their baby.  Suitable from 12 weeks

“I can’t recommend prenatal yoga with Aoife highly enough. Each class has a great balance of relaxation, breathing techniques while still staying active in your pregnancy. It was great preparation for labour...”


Saturdays 10-11.15am @Macha Yoga Studio, Bray

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hatha flow for all

Start your weekend right with this well rounded Yoga practice that will improve strength, balance and flexibility, physically, emotionally and mentally.  Breath work, dynamic movement, relaxation, and meditation to help you let go and enjoy the weekend... suitable for every body :)

Saturdays 11.30-12.45pm @Macha Yoga Studio, Bray


Chakra yoga

Having run popular Chakra Yoga classes for the past 5 years, I am now expanding these classes into a workshop series - eight 2 hour workshops that will give us more time to really explore the fascinating themes of the chakra - through Yin and Hatha Yoga, mantra, meditation, pranayama breathing exercises and more.  You will release physical, emotional and mental tension, and build awareness and intention. Each workshop you will move, breathe and re-connect to your body and sense of self through the lens of the chakra.  Workshops close with a lovely candle-lit guided Yoga Nidra (relaxation and meditation).  Suitable for every body.

click the button to see workshops coming soon or to book these workshops at your yoga studio


I have some availabilities for private individual and group classes. These classes are ideal in your home or place of work, whether you are looking for a one to one class catered exclusively to your needs, or simply want to release tension from the work day during your break or before you go home.  

These classes have been particularly popular with the staff and students of schools in my area.  Adding yoga to the school day has many benefits for the individual students and the group as a whole.  Having the option of a yoga class after school for the teachers and staff allows them to stay fit and unwind before they go home, helping everyone improve their work/life balance.

I have experience teaching private groups of students, teachers, chair yoga for office workers, yoga for older people, one-to-one, pregnancy and mom and baby yoga in the comfort of your home.


Ideal for individuals, children at home, students at school, groups of friends of colleagues, for example school staff

By appointment - prices vary

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अभ्यासवैराग्याभ्यां तन्निरोध
Abhyāsa vairāgyābhyāṁ tan nirodhaḥ
...that can be controlled through practice and detachment
— Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, 1.12